• Jamie-Lee Abtar

5 Ways to Attract Millenials to your travel business

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Millennials think differently, act differently, and most definitely travel differently than any generation before them. And if you want to earn their business, you’ll have to think and act differently, too. As a result, former tried-and-true marketing techniques are ineffective at getting through to this easily distracted audience.

Don’t think for a moment that you can market to them in the same old ways you’ve marketed to generations before them. Millennials find the very idea of marketing objectionable. They don’t want to be sold to; they prefer to be informed.

Here are 5 ways to attract and gain the trust of the millennial traveller

Be Authentic – Authenticity is key when dealing with millennials They’re not looking for perfection. They’re looking for what’s real and unique. Showcase some of your hotels quirkiness or your destinations perceived flaws.

Interact with them - Millennials don’t want to be talked to. They want you to include them in a discussion. Involve them in a two-way conversation to probe into what they like about your property. Or, ask them what they’d like you to change. Enlist them in your marketing efforts, and there’s a good chance they’ll reward you by passing along your messages to their social media connections.

Make it Personal – Use whatever data you have on them to design communications and offers they’ll find of interest. They are quick to dismiss any information they deem as not of interest to them.

Sell the Experience – Millennials have fully embraced the experience economy. They seek opportunities to immerse themselves in local and foreign cultures. When appealing to Millennials think in terms of overall experience rather than a product. Inspire them rather than sell to them. Tap into their curiosity about other people and cultures. Talk to them about making memories they can share with friends, either as travel companions or through social media.

Connect with a cause - Millennials like the idea of their purchases contributing to something greater than their personal satisfaction. To be successful, though, because marketing must go beyond being a marketing ploy and be perceived as genuine.

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