• Jamie-Lee Abtar

An investigation into the UK African Caribbean Travel Market

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The first results from a research project with African-Caribbean travellers have been released, revealing some interesting statistics on where they travel and why.

In 2018 I completed a joint project between The Voice newspaper and myself the aimed to dispel myths and stereotypes that exist about the black travel market.

One of the biggest myths about the African-Caribbean market is that this group primarily travels to visit friends and family. Yet the initial results suggest that for the millennial demographic of 3rd, 4th and 5thgeneration African-Caribbean travellers, it is attractions, accommodation, price and location that are driving their purchase and not the desire to visit friends and family.

Another stereotype of African-Caribbean travellers comes in the perception that they primarily travel to the Caribbean. Once more, the research has proved this to be untrue, with Europe coming out as their most favoured region.

So too, the research showed that the Afro-Caribbean traveller is keen to visit a wide variety of destinations including Thailand, Portugal, Dubai and Turkey, with most taking 1-2 holidays each year.

This research is set to be a big wake up call to destinations and tour operators, enabling the African Caribbean traveller is be re-positioned as a profitable, viable market segment with specific needs and requirements.

The research marks a significant step in what is being called The Black Travel Movement which aims to provide an Afro-centric perspective that has been missing from mainstream media.

This early data is extremely promising as it is telling us exactly what African Caribbean travellers want from their holidays, which will be extremely useful for travel brands as they continue to refine their marketing strategies to reflect societal and demographic change. We will utilise the research as we work with a number of media partners including The Voice newspaper’s new travel magazine, She Caribbean, Carib Direct, UK events such as the UK Black Business Show and digital influencers, to help travel brands target this rising market.

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